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“The gumnut burst open and the seeds
brought new life out of the ashes.
A new region is born: Spiritus Caritatis.”

From the Original Record

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“God alone can fill our hearts.
It is too great to be
captivated by creatures.”

Blessed Helena Stollenwerk

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“It is our task to open
every heart to love.”

Bl. Josepha Stenmanns

Serving Godʼs Mission in Australia since 1945

HSMS Story - Raff House Sisters

Our Story

Founded in 1889, our Holy Spirit Missionary Congregation today includes over 3,500 members, serving in fifty countries…

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Our Vision & Mission

Walking with God on our Sacred Journey, we are guided every day in our actions, thoughts and prayers by our Province’s vision and mission…

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Our Safeguarding Policy

We commit ourselves to do what “we can to heal the wounds of abuse and to make the Church a safe place for all”

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